How We Work

The Brief

We begin by asking the right questions about your project. This helps us (and you) get clarity on exactly what we're trying to accomplish.

The Sitemap

Once our questions are answered, we build a visual sitemap to outline what we're trying to communicate and how it will be organized. Here's an example of a visual sitemap.

The Prototype

Next, we put together an interactive prototype of the project to show you how our solution works. The prototype is pure functionality--no design. But it gives you a good idea of what your final project will be. Here's an example of a prototype.

The Design

In the design stage, we break out the colors, pictures, and fonts to create a beautiful solution that connects the interactive prototype to your brand identity.

The Launch

In the delivery stage, we test everything to make sure it's plugged in and working correctly. Finally, we take your project live!

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