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Project: Make Montana Home

screenshot of make montana website

The Brief

Make Montana Home is a web project built for the Montana Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber wanted to create a site that encourages entrepreneurs, business owners, and remote workers to relocate to Montana.

Check out the Make Montana Home website.

Project: Bunkhouse Brewery

The Brief

The Bunkhouse Brewery is a local brewhouse that specializes in tradition and sourcing local ingredients. Small and local matters to them, but they wanted a website that would help them build their customer base and share their great beer with the community.

Our Approach

We build a website that showcased pictures of beautiful pints of beer and Bunkhouse customers enjoying them. We also implements social media and an email list to generate conversation and leads.

Check out the Bunkhouse Brewery website.


Project: BLACKBAR Firearms

The Brief

BLACKBAR Firearm Specialists is a leading manufacturer of custom-built and upgraded firearms. Driven by passion, certified platform-specific knowledge, precision craftsmanship, and accurate build engineering, BLACKBAR delivers a custom, second-to-none firearm product for equally passionate and critically discerning enthusiasts and specialists.

Our Approach

Since they handle only custom-orders via telephone, BLACKBAR needed a modern, clean, lightweight website that showcased their work, dedication to quality, and encouraged interesting customers to pick up the phone.

Check out the BLACKBAR Firearms website.

Project: Gianforte Foundation

The Brief

The Gianforte Foundation wanted to redesign their old website to update its look, improve user experience, and encourage more applicants in their focus areas.

Our Approach

We began this project by researching other charitable foundation websites to learn what they were doing and what seemed to be working for them.

With best practices for foundations in hand, we began by building the website functionality to ensure it would do everything the Gianforte Foundation needed. We added new functionality that would allow users to quickly have many of their commonly asked questions answered before they began the application procedure.

We then designed the website with the main goal of increasing the number of new applicants who would contact the Foundation's executive director after their basic questions were answered but before they began filling out the application. We positioned the Foundation's focus areas prominently on key pages and developed an "application funnel" to lead new applicants through the necessary steps.

We also developed elements that clearly communicated the Foundation's vision, highlighted its past charitable giving, and showcased its special projects.

The overall web design is modern, clean, and inviting--a style that compliments the Foundation's mission.

The Result

Within the first few months, the website's page views increased by over 100%. (This excludes the nearly 800% increase in traffic during one of the Foundation member's political campaign.)

Other results from the Foundation's new website include:

  1. increased number of new applicants in focus areas
  2. reduced amount of queries for basic information
  3. numerous compliments on the beauty and ease-of-use of the new website

Check out the Gianforte Family Foundation website.

Project: Petra Academy

The Brief

Approaching its 20th year anniversary, Petra Academy desired to redesign its website to update its look, increase the number of new families applying to the school, and improve community engagement with the school's vision and culture.

Our Approach

We began by considering the primary goal and target audience of the school's website. We then build a sitemap that highlighted key information about the school's vision, purpose, and enrollment opportunities.

To encourage community engagement, we embedded an events calendar, added social media (Twitter and Facebook) and video to the site, and created a Parent Portal to make it easy for parents to find handbooks, schedules, etc.

The Result

In the first six months the new website become the go-to place to find event information. This freed up a great deal of time for the administration team to focus on other tasks.

More significantly, the new website became the key lead generator for new families, quickly outstripping word-of-mouth and print campaigns.

Check out Petra Academy's website.